Schaalia turicensis / Actinomyces turicensis

  • General information

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      Family: Actinomycetaceae,

      Natural habitats
      Is part of the indigenous microflora of human mucous membranes, may be isolated from human clinical sources without evidence of its pathogenicity.

      Schaalia turicensis (A. turicensis ) is normally present in the vagina, gut, and skin on the lower part of the body

      Clinical significance
      It has also been isolated frequently from pilonidal sinuses, perianal an decubital abscesses, ear, nose and throat infections, post-operative wounds and IUCDs.

      A. turicensis (Schaalia turicensis) has been described as a potential pathogen mostly in genital infections, followed by urinary tract infections and skin related infections

  • Gram stain

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      Gram positive small cocco-bacilli
      not difteroid, they are irregular

  • Culture characteristics

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      Facultative anaerobic

      BA: colonies are grey, semi -translucent, smooth, low convex and have entire edges.

      They grow in air and CO2 and may be mistaken for non-haemolytic streptococci, lactobacilli or other commensal organisms.

      BBAØ: growth

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