Delftia acidovorans

  • General information

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      Family: Comamonadaceae
      Formerly: Comamonas, Pseudomonas

      Natural habitat
      Environment, soil, water and hospital environment, does not belong to the human flora.

      Clinical significance
      Clinical significance is unknown. Is rarely found in patients.

      Transmission probably due to exposure to contaminated instruments or solutions.

  • Gram stain

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      Gram negative rods,

      lying solitary or in pairs

  • Culture characteristics

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      Obligate Aerobic

      First isolate grows slowly.

      Colonies low convex, smooth, with irregular diffuse edges and griscent.

      Is defined as not pigmented (or 44% is defined to have a yellowish soluble pigment)

      McConkey growth, non lactose fermenter

      BBAØ no growth
      Indole: negative
      Gives with Kovacs' reagents a so called orange indole (yellowing by the "anthranilic acid")

  • Characteristics

  • References

    • James Versalovic et al.(2011) Manual of Clinical Microbiology 10th Edition

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