Streptococcus gallolyticus

  • General information

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      Taxonomy Family: Streptococcaceae Strepytococcus bovis group / Lancefield Group D

      Former name Current name

      S. bovis biotype I S. gallolyticus

      S. bovis biotype II.1 S. infantarius

      S. bovis biotype II.2 S. gallolyticus ssp pasteurianus

      Natural habitats
      Is part of the human gastrointestinal microbiota

      Clinical significance
      Species from this group are frequently encountered in blood cultures of patients with bacteremia, sepsis and endocarditis.

      The clinical significance of blood cultures growing streptococci from the S.bovis group lies in the association of

      S. gallolyticus ssp gallolyticus with gastrointestinal cancer

      and of

      S. gallolyticus ssp pasteuriamus with meningitis.

  • Gram stain

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      Gram positive oval streptococci, in pairs or chains

  • Culture characteristics

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      Facultative anaerobic 5% CO2 improves the growth Colonies are small, grey and non-hemolytic or α-hemolytic

      McConkey growth

      BBAØ growth

  • Characteristics

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