Inquilinus limosus

  • General information

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      Patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) may be colonized with unusual gram-negative bacilli whose identification is difficult and clinical impact unclear.

      Family: Rhodospirillaceae

      I.limosus belongs to the α-proteobacteria (class), and is therefore not closely related to B.cepacia complex or P. aeruginosa

      Natural habitat
      The natural reservoir is yet to be discovered, but its relationship with other non-fermentative rods suggests ecological resources

      Clinical significance
      I. limosus is able to stay for several months in the respiratory tract of CF-patients

      Just as with the P.aeruginosa is an abundant production of mucus from I.limosus favorable for a persistent chronic infection.

      However, the pathogenic role of I.limosus is unclear.

  • Gram stain

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      Gram negative rods,

      1.5-2.0 x 3.5 µm.

  • Culture characteristics

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      Obligate Aerobic

      The strain grows slowly, 1st isolate after 3-5 days, can therefore be missed.

      The colonies are very mucoid and milky white and not pigmented

      McConkey they grow poorly or not at all

      BBAØ no growth

  • Characteristics

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