Bordetella bronchoseptica

  • General information

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      Family: Alcaligenaceae

      Natural habitats
      Human are not natural carriers of B. bronchoseptica, which typically infects the respiratory tracts of smaller mammals (cat, dogs, rabbits etc)

      Man is infected through contaminated aerosols animals, such as kennel cough.

      B. bronchoseptica can persist in the environment for extended periods.

      Clinical significance
      They can cause infectious bronchitis, but rarely infect humans

  • Gram stain

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      Gram negative coccoid rods

      0.2-0.5 x 0.5-2.0 μm

      Are often bipolar colored.

      Lying solitary or in pairs, rarely in chains.

  • Culture characteristics

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      Obligate aerobe

      Colonies are small circular glistening or rough and not hemolytic

      McConkey growth, non lactose fermenter

      BBAØ no growth

  • Characteristics

  • References

    • James Versalovic et al.(2011) Manual of Clinical Microbiology 10th Edition

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