Paenibacillus macerans

  • General information

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      Paenibacillus is a genus originallt included within the genus Bacillus and than reclassified as a seperate genus in 1993.
      The name reflects: Latin paene means almost, so paenibacilli are literally "almost bacilli".

      Family: Bacillaceae

      Natural habitats
      Ubiquitous in nature

      Clinical significance
      Accidentally human pathogen (bacteremia, septicemia).
      They could cause allergies as a result of its histamine producing properties

  • Gram stain

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      Long, slender Gram positive rods,

      0.5-0.7 x 2.5-5.0 µm

      gram are often negatively stained.

      Spore shape: ellipsoidal

      Spore position: subterminal / terminal

      Sporangia swelling: positive

  • Culture characteristics

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      Facultative anaerobic

      Colonies are opaque, round and usually thin and spreading.

      BBAØ growth

  • Characteristics

  • References

    • James Versalovic et al.(2011) Manual of Clinical Microbiology 10th Edition

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